Target Aisles Are Getting a Little Brighter Thanks to These Museum of Ice Cream Pints

The Museum of Ice Cream is going national. While the interactive Instagram-friendly exhibit won’t be opening locations across all 50 states anytime soon, its ice cream has officially landed at Target! Starting July 8, seven of the Museum of Ice Cream’s fun flavors will be exclusively available in Target stores nationwide. Leading up to the partnership, the two brands also opened The Pint Shop in New York City, where visitors are able to try the signature flavors.

Target previously released a line of children’s clothing with the Museum of Ice Cream earlier this year, so the move to sell actual ice cream certainly seems like a natural one. The seven flavors hitting shelves include: Sprinkle Pool, Churro Churro, Piñata, Cherrylicious, Vanillionaire, Nana Banana, and Chocolate Crush. Learn more about the flavors, and see some pretty pictures of the pints ahead.

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