See Inside Drew Barrymore's Closet Dedicated Entirely to Cookbooks: 'Chefs Are My Heroes'

Throughout the show, Thomas gives advice to parents on how to get kids to be more open to trying new healthy foods: "When kids are a part of the cooking process it completely reframes their approach to healthy eating," she says. Thomas also recommends one of her favorite cooking guides The Flavor Bible, which will "change your life."

The episode would not be complete without trying out one of the recipes from Living Lively: matcha ice cubes. "It tastes like matcha and coconut. It's sweet enough but not overpowering. I'm going to say it's sheer perfection!" Barrymore raves.

"We all have our passions and we fight to carve them out in a busy life. For me, cookbooks are one of my great passions," Barrymore concludes. "This for me is so much more than books — it's about good people."

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