Scottish people fume at the 'new' Aldi square sausage

Have you ever been in a group and told a funny joke, only for it to go unheard, before someone else tells the exact same joke and gets laughs?

A whole load of people in Scotland have basically just had that happen with one of their most proud culinary creations… And they’re not happy.

Aldi yesterday announced the release of their new ‘sausedge’; a square-shaped sausage patty that fits nicely in a bun.

It was hailed as ‘genius’ by one publication, much to the dismay of everyone who’s ever enjoyed a full Scottish breakfast in their life.

A Lorne sausage is a staple north of the border, and has been for literally hundreds of years. It comes in a breakfast pack from your local butchers, and you can get a ‘roll and Lorne’ from any self respecting bakers or sandwich shop.

It’s also already available in Scottish Aldi stores, hence much of the confusion at the so-called invention.

In true Scottish form, however, the troops are out with some brilliant comebacks to the discount store. Note to all of you, never p*** off a Scot.

That is if they don’t have an Iceland or Sainsbury’s near them, both of which are supermarkets who already stock square sausage.

Another day, another brand #cancelled on Twitter. At least this time it’s just about some processed meat.

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