Remember baked Boursin? People are now turning it into soup

TikTok has blessed us with so many great food recipes, from vodka pasta to vegan sashimi with watermelon. 

And, let’s not forget about baked feta and tomatoes – which soon evolved to baked Boursin.

Now, the popular Boursin recipe has been taken one step further and transformed into a soup – for an updated, seasonal take on the classic.

The finished product is a glorious roasted vegetable and cheesy creation – that’s perfect for the chillier months ahead.

I am not a big fan of soups, but this…🤤🤤🤤#soup #boursin #food #learnontiktok #JDVaporMaxShuffle

It seems @shicocooks is the brains behind the baked Boursin and roasted tomato soup – and the TikTok user has posted a video showing how to make the dish at home.

Simply start by roasting 450-500g of tomatoes and red onions, as well as a whole bulb of garlic – along with olive oil, oregano and paprika.

Once this is roasted, add the creamy Boursin and bake until gooey – around 30-35 minutes at 200°C in a fan oven.

Then, squeeze the garlic out of its skin and add the contents of the tray to a blender. 

The end result is a warming vegetable soup with a twist.

What’s more, @shicocooks also has a mushroom version – where the fungi is added to the roasting tin step.

It’s safe to say that people have been blown away by baked Boursin soup on the platform – with more than 1.3 million people liking the post.

Some have even added their own suggestions.

One follower commented: ‘This would make a bomb pasta sauce.’

However, others are sceptical as to whether the recipe can really be classified as a soup.

One person replied: ‘This is a DIP.’

Another added: ‘Not cooked in liquid = not soup. Soup is made with cooking ingredients in water/stock. This is purée at best.’

Whether this recipe will blow up as much as the original one remains to be seen – but there’s no denying it looks pretty tasty.

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