Recipe for ‘incredible’ scrambled eggs like a Michelin-star chef

A foodie has shared how she makes scrambled eggs like a Michelin-starred chef. Maxine Sharf enjoys sharing her easy-to-make recipes on her TikTok account @maxiskitchen and says she has been cooking “for as long as she can remember.”

The social media chef has recently shown how to make scrambled eggs like Michelin-star chef Thomas Keller, and showed his technique for making custardy and incredible.” scrambled eggs.

Maxine began the video and said: “I decided I’d like to make scrambled eggs like a Michelin-star chef, so I studied Thomas Keller’s method and gave it a go.”

Maxine began her video by using salt and pepper with three eggs in a small bowl. Using a small bowl is an essential part of the Thomas Keller recipe as it makes it easier to remove any shells.

Then, Maxine used pepper and salt on her raw eggs before she began whisking them. You can also use a blender if you prefer.

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In the original Thomas Keller recipe, he recommends using a chinois to blend the eggs before cooking them. However, Maxine uses a strainer and it seems to work just as well.

In her video, she said: [“Thomas Keller] has to strain the eggs to break up the proteins.” Maxine then put the mixture in a saucepan over the stove.

She added: “cook on very low heat with some crème fraiche added at the end.”

In the Thomas Keller recipe, he said it add three tablespoons (around 48 grams) of butter before adding your eggs to the saucepan. He also stated it was important to whisk the eggs “slowly and continuously” to gently cook the eggs.

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It is only when the eggs “resemble porridge” should you turn the heat. At the end of the recipe, he states to whisk in half a teaspoon of butter crème fraiche and parsley.

Thomas Keller’s method for making scrambled eggs is an American technique that the famous cook has said was inspired by his mother. In his Masterclass on how to cook, he said that patience and a low heat is the best method for getting creamier eggs.

In the class, Thomas Keller said: “I cannot stress this enough, always treat your eggs gently.”

In Maxine’s video, she put her scrambled eggs onto some brioche toast and sprinkled with parley, and showed off her delicious-looking scrambled eggs, which looked extremely fluffy.

She ended the video by biting into her toast, and said: “I’m telling you, these were so custardy and incredible.”

People in the comment section of the video appreciated Maxine trying out the recipe. One woman named Brooke wrote: “Low heat is one hundred percent the trick to great scrambled eggs.”

Another person said: “I loved this, soft scrambled eggs are the best eggs” while somebody else wrote: “Literally the best eggs I’ve literally had, thank you!”

One user named Dylan liked the recipe and said he had his own method for making Thomas Keller’s recipe have a lower calorie content. Dylan wrote: “Love this recipe. [The] low calorie version I use is keto bread and avocado spray. Use spring onions as a garnish [and also add] paprika, salt and pepper.”

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