Quality Street has introduced a new Chocolate Caramel Brownie sweet to its tins

Christmas is just a few months away, and brands are getting ready to launch their festive products.

This year Nestle’s Quality Street has had a revamp.

The sweets will be back and will be better than ever as there’s something new in the selection: the Chocolate Caramel Brownie.

Shoppers now have a number of options to choose from, including a range of sizes and formats on sale in the run-up to the festive season.

It comes after news that once again, chocolate tubs, including Quality Street, have got smaller.

Nestle’s tubs will go from 698g to 650g, but don’t worry, because there will be bigger sizes available too.

There will be 650g tubs and 1kg tins available in most major retailers, and a special 800g gold tin will be exclusively available at Tesco. If you want a really big tin, 2kg versions will be on sale in Costco.

After research found that the chocolate sweets are more popular than the toffee sweets, Quality Street has switched up the ratios in each assortment. Now, there will be 46% chocolate sweets instead of 35%.

Ellie Worley, Senior Brand Manager for Quality Street said: ‘2019 is a huge year for Quality Street. We’ve got a new sweet, a new design and we are developing the brand in all areas ahead of the Christmas season.

‘I know just how much people love Quality Street and we work really hard to find that balance between keeping things fresh but also familiar.

‘We’ve been listening and I think we’ve got the perfect mix this year and made the changes that people have told us they’d like to see.’

Quality Street also knows how much customers love certain sweets so, they’re releasing three new products – each focusing on one of the chocolates.

This includes the Giant Strawberry Creme, the Giant Purple One and the Giant Chocolate Caramel Brownie – which while new, will likely be a hit.

These boxes will be exclusive to Asda.

Obviously, we’ll be stocking up on Quality Street, ready for Christmas day spent watching festive movies.

Is there any other way to spend it?

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