People On TikTok Are Making Homemade Queso On The Grill and It's So Genius

We can all agree that queso in any form is magical, but people on TikTok are making big pans of queso on the grill—and it looks irresistible. You’ll want to dream up your own version immediately, promise.

Under the hashtag #smokedqueso, TikTokers are sharing videos of their own version of the appetizer. To start, you need an aluminum foil pan. The size depends on how much queso you want to make and devour. Next, gather your ingredients and place them all in the pan. People are using chorizo, ground beef, all of the cheese–Pepper jack, cheddar, Velveeta, Monterey jack, you name it–jalapeños, onions, Rotel’s diced tomatoes with serrano pepper, and garlic. Some people are even adding taco seasoning, milk if the mixture dries out a bit, and cream cheese. After you add everything you want, pop the pan on the grill. Once it gets all melty, dig in with bags and bags of tortilla chips!

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It’s truly hard to watch these videos and not want a vat of queso all to yourself. But it’s also hard to look away from all of the deliciousness! In the comments of the videos, people are enamored. “Who needs love when you can have this?” one person wrote. “My gf and I have made this like 4 times haha,” another commented.

BRB while I go find someone with a grill so I can go make a pan of this and eat it as my main course for dinner tonight.

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