People are disgusted by this woman's ketchup 'hack'

A TikTokker has sparked outrage with a healthy food hack described by viewers as ‘criminal’.

While some are partial to a healthy food hack and food trends often dominate TikTok, this one seems to have gone just a little bit too far.

Food TikToker @sensationalfoodie has made her followers reel with a parody video of an original sound made by TikTok user @di1lward.

US-based @di1lward, who creates obscure and outrageous satirical food videos, created a TikTok showing how to save money and make tomato ketchup healthier.

‘Ketchup contains tons of sugar and lots of red dyes,’ she says. ‘So I always put water in mine, so you get double the health for half the price.’

In the video, @di1lward adds a squirt of Heinz tomato ketchup to a ramakin and tops it up with water, creating a transluscent, soupy ketchup concoction.

In her parody video, UK-based @sensationalfoodie, who often surprises her followers with controversial food videos, does the same.

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She then dips some McDonalds fries into the ‘healthy’ ketchup concoction and digs in.

Despite being satirical, the video has caused an uproar.

The video even includes a trigger warning, but that didn’t stop some TikTok users from voicing their horror.

‘Please tell me this is a joke?’ one user commented.

One outraged user said, ‘Yo I am calling the police.’

Another simply wrote: ‘999’.

The food hack was also described as criminal, sinful and slanderous.

Safe to say, TikTok users are passionate about their tomato ketchup.

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