Norah O'Donnell on Her Sunday Supper Tradition: 'To Cook for the People You Love Is Like Therapy'

Growing up, Norah O’Donnell always looked forward to sitting around the dining table with her family. “That’s what Sundays were for me—church, dinner, and 60 Minutes.” Now the CBS Evening News anchor, 45, and her husband, Geoff Tracy, 46, are carrying in the tradition with their kids, 12-year-old twins Grace and Henry, and daughter Riley, 11.

“It’s an important time to sit down and talk about everything that’s happened over the weekend and then we watch 60 Minutes together,” O’Donnell tells PEOPLE. “But the best part is we’re teaching our kids the importance of cooking at home.”

O’Donnell says she and Tracy (a chef who owns six restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area) share kitchen duties but that everyone pitches in.

“It’s easy to order out, and we love that too,” she says, “but I’m glad the kids have an appreciation for making meals for each other, and as a part of that have also learned how to load the dishwasher and take out the trash afterward.”

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For O’Donnell, cooking is an activity she looks forward to.

“We’re big on food in our house,” she says, adding that some of her family’s favorite dishes include her steak fajitas, lasagna, and whole-grain blueberry pancakes.

“‘To cook something for the people you love is like therapy,” she adds. “To make a beautiful meal for your family or friend, it’s incredibly relaxing and also brings me a lot of joy.”

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