Mum shares quick hack for using leftover bolognese sauce in garlic bread 'cups'

Though pasta is a superior food, you don’t often want to eat it for the fourth day in a row.

One mum tired of eating too much pasta decided to try something else to serve with the bolognese sauce she usually makes for her spaghetti.

The home cook, from Australia, made mini garlic bread toast cups, which she filled to the brim with leftover sauce.

To make the simple dish, all she used was a few slices of bread, buttering them and adding minced garlic (you can either make your own garlic butter or buy it in any supermarket).

The mum then squashed the bread into a cupcake tray, giving them a ‘cup’ shape.

The last step is to then fill each cup with lashings of bolognese sauce, sprinkling each one with cheese.

But make sure the bolognese is heated up as no one wants cold sauce and the heat will also allow the cheese to melt nicely.

The mum shared her trick on Facebook group Mums Who Cook and Bake, where it went down a treat.

She wrote: ‘We had leftover bolognese to use up and didn’t feel like pasta again so I made some garlic toast cups. One of our favorite dinners spaghetti and garlic basket – yummy’.

Many people praised the simple trick, saying they’d be trying it out next time.

‘I’m so stealing this idea, brilliant,’ one wrote, while another said: ‘What an awesome idea. I have some leftover too and always end up cooking more pasta.’

A third person added: ‘This would be great on a Friday night with leftover spaghetti bolognese.’

Try this out if you’re looking for a no-effort dinner that utilises your leftover sauce.

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