McDonald's axing two popular items today – is your favourite affected?

Get ready to say farewell soon, as the popular new dip flavours at McDonald’s are about to go.

They were always billed as a limited edition release, but fans might have been hopeful they’d soon get a permanent fix on the menu.

Right now, that doesn’t look to be the case.

As of today, the Mega Hot Sauce and Garlic Mayo dips are gone.

They’ve only been on the menu for less than three weeks, but it’s because two new flavours (limited as well, boo) are launching instead: Chipotle Mayo and Creamy Ranch.

All the dips are part of McDonald’s celebration of their nuggets’ 40th anniversary.

Fans aren’t pleased the garlic one is already gone, though.

One fan wrote on Twitter: ‘You need to make garlic mayo permanent and bottled! It’s the GOAT of dips.

‘I will even go as far as saying better than curry dip. Please make my dream come true.’

Another added: ‘I’m so sad to hear that Mega Hot Sauce and Garlic Mayo dips are being removed from McDonald’s menus. These were my two favorite dips, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do without them.’

If you want to try and make your own garlic mayo at home, it’s a task even the most novice chef can manage.

Simply mix some garlic cloves or garlic sauce into mayo, and voila!

Who knows though, maybe the new dips will be even better than the current faves.

They launch today – and won’t be around for long – so get them while you can.

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