Make these boozy ice poles with your straighteners for the upcoming heatwave

You can buy boozy ice pops and lollies in certain places now, but nothing beats a homemade treat.

With the weather set to get warmer over the weekend and next week, we have just the thing for you to pop in your freezer ready for you to grab when you want.

A TikTok video made by Australian vlogger Naomi Hansen has given us a nifty trick to alcoholify our ice poles, and oddly but interestlingly, it involves using hair straighteners.

The trick is simple, buy and thaw ice poles (the ones that come in a plastic tube) and cut them open at the top.

Pour a small bit of the liquid out of the ice pop adding in around a shot or so of vodka instead, and making sure there’s some room at the top.

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Then, take your hair straighteners and clamp them onto the plastic (make sure it doesn’t touch the liquid) to seal them shut.

Freeze for a little longer than you normally would – as the vodka can add to the time it takes due to the lower freezing point of alcohol.

As you’ll know if you’ve stuck a bottle of spirits in the freezer in the past, it stays liquid. However, as there’s only a small amount of alcohol in these and they’re mixed with water, you should be fine.

You could also switch to other forms of alcohol, as we see some Cointreau, Midori, and pink gin in the back of Naomi’s video.

It’s now been watched over 294,000 times, which proves that plenty of people are ready to try the little hack.

As with any TikTok or social media hack, though, we’d always advise you to try at your own risk. We wouldn’t want you ruining your expensive GHDs for the sake of some frozen bevvies.

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