Make eggs in the air fryer – fried, poached and boiled

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Currently, the air fryer is the most popular kitchen appliance, with many brands having sold out of stock. The nifty machine not only uses a lot less energy, thus making savings on your monthly bills, but it can also cook a variety of foods – one of them being eggs. Here’s how to fry, poach and boil eggs just to your liking. 

Fried eggs 

TikTok user Meals with Max shared an easy way to make fried eggs in an air fryer. 

He explained in his video: “I really fancied a fried egg so I thought I would give it a try in the new air fryer. 

“I preheated an oven-proof dish at 180 degrees, sprayed a little oil [into the dish] and cracked an egg. 

“I cooked it for a minute to see how much it would cook [in that time] and it came out completely uncooked, so I cooked it for another three minutes and it came out looking pretty decent. 

“I was actually quite surprised! It was runny!” He remarked. 

To level up your fried eggs try cooking them in toast. 

You just need a slice of bread and an egg; simply take the bread and place it on the bottom of the air fryer basket. 

Using the back of a spoon, dent the bread to create a small dip, be careful not to break the bread. 

Simply crack the egg into the well and place the basket into the air fryer. 

Set the temperature to 190 degrees Celcius and set the timer to six minutes. 

Poached eggs 

Eileen Bell, also known as @blendedbybell shared a clever method for making poached eggs in an air fryer. The video has been watched by 146,300 people and counting. 

She said: “For anyone who doesn’t know how to poach an egg, or struggles with poaching an egg if you have an air fryer then you need to watch this video. 

“All you’re going to do is put some boiling water into a ramekin, crack your egg into the water and then put the dish into the air fryer at 340 degrees for 11 minutes.

“A perfectly poached egg” comes out “every single time”, Elieen said and then proceeded to cut the poached egg open to reveal a runny yolk: “Oh my gosh, look how beautiful!!” She added.  

@nannabea Perfect air fryer dippy eggs #ninjafoodi #boiledeggs #letsplay #festival #mindfullness #rap #chocolate @Ninja Kitchen UK ♬ original sound – Nannabea

Soft boiled eggs 

@Nannabea was on hand to show her 1.2 million followers how to make “boiled eggs with a runny yolk” in the air fryer. 

She turned her air fryer to 180 degrees Celcius and placed two eggs into the basket. 

She set the timer to six minutes and waited anxiously to see whether the eggs were going to “explode”. 

“The moment of truth,” Nanna Bea remarked before taking the eggs out of the machine. 

“Let’s see,” and those watching saw her tap the top of the egg with a teaspoon before peeling the shell. 

“Simply perfect!” She commented, showing a bright orange runny yolk. “No water to mess about with, no pan to wash up.” 

Hard boiled eggs 

@Feelgoodfoodie showcased her method of making hard boiled eggs in the air fryer. 

The video began with: “Did you guys know you can make hard boiled eggs in their air fryer? 

“There’s no need for water, just add as many eggs as you like and cook at 250 for 13 to 17 minutes.” 

She air fried six eggs for a total of 15 minutes. 

After the timer was up, she “plunged them in an ice bath immediately”.

The next step was “optional” but she liked to “crack the eggs slightly” and let them “sit them in the water for a few minutes”. 

“The water goes through the cracks and makes them easier to peel,” she explained. 

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