I tried Nando’s new limited-edition spice for a food review

Nandos UK announce their new flavour

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Nando’s recently announced they had expanded their PERi-ometer to include Pimenta, a blend of pink peppercorns, sumac and PERI-PERI that is “born to be mild”. Keen to find out exactly what it tasted like, and whether it compared to their other signature flavours, I headed to my local Nando’s to order a feast and enjoy it at home. 

Pimenta was born from BBC Three’s Hungry For It, hosted by Stacey Dooley, Chef Kay Kay and ex-Nando’s griller and legend, Big Zuu.

Contestants on the show were tasked with creating a PERi-PERi marinade and the prize was no less than “monumental” according to Big Zuu. 

The winning baste, judged by Nando’s general manager Trent Devlin, would become the restaurant’s next guest spice.

Pimenta is winner Beth’s creation, it’s described as zingy, creamy and comes in mild on the PERi-ometer. Perfect for those whose Nando’s spice level is on the low side. 

This isn’t the only change, as the Butterfly Burger has landed back on the menu. 

Keen to see what all the fuss was about – for both the new flavour and the return of a popular burger – I took Nando’s advice and ordered the Butterfly Burger with Pimenta flavouring. 

I was expecting big things from the Butterfly Burger, Nando’s describes it as having “two succulent flame-grilled chicken breasts with crispy skin, packed in a Portuguese roll with lettuce and tomato”. 

As for what makes it better than the last time it was available, the chain has added “PERi-Ketchup and Lemon & Herb Mayo,” remarking “talk about [the sauce] drip”. 

And that’s exactly what happened – the burger dripped everywhere, and I ended up in rather a sloppy mess with a tomato flung on the plate, and the chicken slipping between the bun. 

With two sauces, I expected the chicken to be “succulent” and moist like described, but it was a little on the dry side. 

As for the Pimenta flavour, I was unable to taste it in all its glory as the sauces dominated the overall flavour. 

Next time, I’d definitely order the Pimenta flavour on Nando’s signature 1/2 Chicken to really enjoy it. 

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In addition to the burger, I ordered PERi-Spiced chips and rainbow coleslaw as sides, which complimented the burger nicely. 

The halloumi sticks and sweet chilli dip were also a nice way to kick off dinner, and a box of five wings with Medium spice and an additional drizzle of sauce went down a treat. 

To round off the meal I chose the Choc-A-Lot Cake – “rich indulgent chocolate between moist chocolate sponge drenched in rich chocolate” was delicious. 

I also ordered a Naughty Nata because who doesn’t love “a traditional Portuguese custard tart” that’s “crispy and baked to perfection” to complete a meal. 

Nando’s new menu has landed in-restaurant and on click & collect and via delivery, with its new Pimenta baste available for a limited time only – so try it before its gone!

For more information, please head to nandos.co.uk

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