How Long Can You Store Eggs? Longer Than You Think . . .

It happens to the best of us. You buy “fresh” eggs, only to find out that your expensive, organic, cage-free, brown eggs are past their sell-by date. But don’t trash them just yet, because you can probably still use them! Raw, shelled eggs typically last three weeks after their sell-by date when properly refrigerated and four to five weeks after their packing date when properly refrigerated.

Boiling or cracking eggs shortens their shelf life, with boiled eggs lasting about a week. This is because eggshells, which are highly porous, have a thin coating of mineral oil that seals and protects the egg. Boiling them washes away this protective sealing, leaving the shell susceptible to bacterial contamination. Once you peel these eggs, you should eat them the same day. After cracking them, raw, whole eggs have to be eaten within two days. Egg whites stored on their own can last up to four days, but yolks have to be used within two days.

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