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In some ways, Costco is like an exclusive members-only club for the most devout food samplers across America. While a trip to Costco usually involves a tasting of the most random items we can think of — read: a cheese quesadilla washed down with some fresh-squeezed orange juice — the aisles upon aisles of tastings aren’t the only reason to go to Costco hungry. The hot dog, pizza, and other favorite Costco food court items are enticing — though, you have to pay for them.

Despite having a price tag, Costco shoppers have grown to love the superstore’s lunch offerings — especially the Polish hot dog. In fact, they love Costco hot dogs so much that there’s even a website dedicated to the menu item. While the hot dog might be delicious, it just so happens that it’s also super cheap. For less than two dollars, shoppers can fuel up on an all beef or Polish hot dog and soda combo. That said, Costco recently unveiled a new menu with healthier options — and the Polish dog is not one of them.

Costco recently changed its food court menu. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The new Costco menu features a new burger option, acai bowl, and — wait for it — a meatless al pastor salad. “This new plant-based protein salad, I know that excites you,” the company’s chief executive Craig Jelinek explained to shareholders. “But it is health. And, uh, actually, it tastes pretty good, if you like those kind of things. I tried it once,” he added.

Despite the upset, the all beef hot dog combo — reportedly 137 million sold in 2017 — remains at its ever affordable price. “I can assure we don’t make a lot on the hot dog and soda,” chief financial officer Richard Galanti said, according to the Seattle Times. He went on to add that the company also doesn’t lose money by offering the low-cost food item, stating it’s “closer to break-even than you think.”

Curious to know how many calories are in a Costco hot dog, pizza, and other tried and true menu items? Keep reading.

Costco hot dogs have 552 calories. ||

Costco hot dog

Costco might be doing away with its famous Polish dog, but the all beef hot dog remains. According to My Fitness Pal, Costco hot dog calories amount to 552 calories. Also, it has 32 grams of fat (12 grams saturated fat), 46 grams of carbs, and 11 grams of sugar.

Costco pizza

If hot dogs aren’t your thing, you might be keen to a slice of Costco’s cheese pizza. However, if you’re counting calories, you might want to think twice. In My Fitness Pal, Costco pizza calories amount to 680 calories. To add to that, it contains 29 grams of fat (12 grams saturated, three grams polyunsaturated, 14 grams monounsaturated), 36 grams of protein, and eight grams of sugar.

Costco chicken bake

Curious to know how many calories in a Costco chicken bake? A whopping 770 calories. The Costco chicken bake also has 25 grams of fat (nine grams unsaturated, four grams polyunsaturated, 11 grams monounsaturated, and less than one gram trans fat). On top of that, it contains 78 grams of carbs, 61 grams of protein, and 96% of the daily recommended sodium intake.

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