Guest horrified by wedding meal with plain Yorkshire puddings and baked beans

Wedding catering can be pretty hit and miss, but we haven’t seen a guest meal quite as bizarre as this one.

A guest at a wedding in Leeds has shared photos of a the event’s ‘luxury’ dining… featuring plain Yorkshire puddings, tuna pizza, and baked beans.

Posting the images in a wedding shaming Facebook group, the guest wrote: ‘I don’t know if the chef of this 4 star “luxury” hotel was sick that day or on holiday – but something must have been going on.

‘I really appreciate the little herb on the side of the frozen Yorkshire puddings, really pushing it out there.’

The pictures really tell the story here, so let’s take a look.

Here’s the starter

Plain. Yorkshire. Puddings.

This is deeply offensive.

Not even some gravy? No sauce of any description? Just a sprig of parsley for comfort in these trying times? Heartbreaking.


One entree option had some interesting sides

Okay, this doesn’t look as disturbing at first glance. Chicken, veg, potatoes – all grand.

But then you look a little closer.

…green beans stuffed through the middle of a courgette? Why?


Those who didn’t fancy chicken could have the fish

Oh, but the fish is on a pizza that looks so dry the roof of our mouth hurts just from thinking about it.

Served with chips and baked beans, like all your school dinner dreams come true.

Yes, that does appear to be an empty pack of Haribo by the plate.

Naturally, people in the Facebook group have been absolutely baffled by the wild combination of food served at the wedding.

One person commented: ‘The Yorkshire pudding starter and dry tuna thrown on the burnt pizza is just amazing. The disc of stuffing!’

Hey, at least it’s memorable.

Some have suggested that the pizza option may actually be the kids’ option, as the plate is resting on some colouring-in pages. We still want an explanation for those dry Yorkshire puddings, though.

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