Great-grandma, 100, who thanks sausage rolls for her long life has Greggs party

Fans of sausage rolls, – vegan or otherwise – meet your new life inspiration.

Mary Emerson has just turned 100, and credits sausage rolls for her long and happy life.

An icon, we stan.

Mary has been making her own sausage rolls for most of her life, but as she’s got older she does occasionally pop into her local Greggs for a pastry fix.

When she celebrated her 100th birthday on Sunday, there was really only one way to mark the occasion.

Greggs threw the great-grandmother a surprise birthday party, complete with plenty of sausage rolls to share with friends and family.

‘I’ve enjoyed baking for as long as I can remember and everyone has always enjoyed my sausage rolls,’ says Mary.

‘I still enjoy making them, with a little help.

‘One of my favourite times to make them is around Christmas time with my granddaughter Naomi.’

How funny, our favourite time to eat sausage rolls is around Christmas, too. By which we mean within six months before or after 25 December.

Mary says the key to a great sausage roll is using good quality meat and cutting them up nice and small.

She still makes sausage rolls that receive praise from all those who sample them.

Mary says: ‘Although my eyesight is poor and I have the odd niggle, I still try to make sausage rolls as they go down so well.

‘That and staying positive has definitely been the secret to a long life.’

We’re sold.

Mary was born prematurely with her twin sister Jean in 1919. They were both christened immediately as neither were expected to survive.

Sadly, Jean died in 1981, but Mary continues to surprise everyone by leading a healthy, happy life well into old age. She has lived alone since the death of her husband Tom in 1976.

‘I have lived a good life,’ she says.

Along with enjoying a sausage roll feast for her birthday, Mary also received a telegram from the chief executive of Greggs, Roger Whiteside.

The telegram read: ‘I am so pleased to know that you are celebrating your 100th Birthday on June 30, 2019.

‘We would like to commemorate this landmark occasion with your years of dedicated service to the glorious sausage roll.’

We can only hope to receive a similar message on our 100th birthdays.

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