Forget negroni sbagliatos, this summer it's all about the stunning spaghett

Remember last year when we all collectively lost our minds about negroni sbagliatos?

Thanks to the soothing tones of actress Emma D’Arcy’s voice in that now viral interview clip, we yearned for ‘A negroni. Sbagliato. With prosecco in it.’

However, as most of us know by now, alcoholic trends are fleeting. By the time one cocktail has reached peak popularity, another is on its tails.

And this summer is no different.

The latest tipple trend is something called a ‘spaghett.’ It first became popular on TikTok when user Hailee Catalano, aka @cafehailee, made it to celebrate the first warm day of the year.

‘Whenever the weather warms up, I crave this drink,’ she told her followers in a clip.

a refreshing drink!

Made with beer (Hailee chose Miller High Life) and Campari, the spaghett is both citrusy and carbonated.

If you’re grimacing at the thought of beer in a mixed drink, Hailee noted that she is not a fan, but in a spaghett, it’s delicious.

To make the drink, Hailee filled up a glass with ice and poured Miller High Life almost to the top. She then took one ounce of Campari and poured.

As an added flavour hit, she added a dash of grapefruit for a sweeter flavour.

‘It’s like a beer spritz,’ she explains. ‘Perfect for spring and summer. It also tastes like a negroni.’

Meanwhile, if you are more of an Aperol fan, you can also make a similar spritz with the popular bitter and some lemon juice.

Sounds good to us. Spagett outside in the garden, anyone?

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