Foodie shares clever recipe for the 'best cheese toastie ever'

Is there anything more comforting than a rich, oozy, cheese toastie?

Cheese – good. Bread – good. They’re warm, delicious, and they work for any time of the day.

Now, a chef has shared a recipe that will take your cheese toastie game to the next level. He claims to have cracked the perfect crunchy texture – and we can’t wait to try it.

Sydney chef Guillermo posted a short video on TikTok demonstrating his little known method for the ‘perfect’ cheese toastie.

To make this yummy dish you’ll need six ingredients – an un-sliced loaf of bread, grated cheese, chopped parsley, butter, chopped or minced garlic and parmesan.

This toasted sandwich is special because it has a pouch filled with cheese and is doused in garlic butter.

In the video, Guillermo slices the bread into thick pieces and cuts off the crust to create a square shape.

He then carefully creates a cheese pouch by cutting a slit down the centre of the bread, and filling it with tasty cheese.

Next, he melts butter on the hob and adds the minced garlic and parsley.

He uses a pastry brush to cover the toastie in the mouth-watering garlic butter, before frying in a pan on the stove top.

A spatula can be used to flatten the bread and cook the cheese inside – to get that oozy finish.

And, because you can never have too much cheese, the chef adds grated parmesan cheese and more garlic butter to the top of the toastie while it cooks.

The end result has crispy edges and a melty cheese centre. The perfect winter warmer snack.

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