Everything You Need to Know About the Giant Fruit That Is Taking Over Instagram

Every now and again something stops us in our tracks as we mindlessly scroll through various celebrity selfies, vacation pics, and #ootd posts on Instagram. More often than not, the picture that causes us to cease our endless scrolling is food-related, and this year a certain round, bumpy, brightly colored fruit caught our eyes: Sumo Citrus.


Sumo Citrus is a type of citrus fruit (sometimes called Sumo Mandarins or Sumo Oranges) that looks like a chubby li’l cousin of the relatively diminutive clementine, a cute bumpy friend of the slightly larger navel orange. In fact, they are a mostly-seedless cross between Satsuma Mandarins and navel oranges, which you might think of as the classic oranges you ate cut into wedges as a kid or buy in bulk to make fresh orange juice on Sunday mornings. Our favorite thing about Sumo Citrus is its unique sweetness — it’s much, much sweeter than oranges and clementines.


Navel oranges are large and exceptionally juicy, but they have a tight peel that can be hard to get off. The Sumo Citrus has that same succulent, juicy quality, but with the looser, easy-to-peel skin of a mandarin.

In Japan, where the fruit is known as Dekopons, these large and juicy citrus fruits are beloved enough that people exchange them as gifts, much as one might send a relative a box of ripe navel oranges after a trip to Florida.

Thankfully for us, these days Sumo Citrus is easy to find in local supermarkets. It’s definitely a little more expensive than other citrus, but we think it’s totally worth it.

When you do find Sumo Citrus in stores, don’t put it through the juicer. Instead, take advantage of its easy peel nature and bring it with you to work or school for a sunny citrus pick-me-up, or save them as a morning treat that will fill your body with vitamin C and make you feel ready to tackle the day. You can also use these fruits in lots of tasty recipes — just look at this super easy salad from A Healthy Slice of Life.

It’s the perfect meal to cool you down on a hot, summer day.

And of course, it makes a delicious drink as well. Try this simple recipe from Adventures in Cooking for a refreshing summer beverage.

Whichever way you decide to try it, make sure you add this sweet, summer fruit to your grocery list so you can try its unique flavor for yourself.

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