Duchess Camilla Just Revealed Prince Charles' Fave Food, & It's So Relatable

We kind of feel for Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla. Now that Prince William has Duchess Catherine (who you might know better as Kate Middleton) and Prince Harry has Duchess Meghan (née Markle), it’s hard to drum up much enthusiasm for the older royals. Until now, that is!

The thing we love about the younger princes and their wives is that they seem so relatable, while Prince Charles has always seemed a little aloof. But in a recent appearance on MasterChef Australia, his wife, Duchess Camilla (formerly known as Camilla Parker Bowles) revealed that Prince Charles’ favorite food is cheese. It doesn’t get more relatable than that, folks.

"He loves, loves local cheese," she said on the show. "He’s a huge cheese fan, anything to do with cheese, he will love." Though tempting to think too much about what she means when she says "anything," we’ll focus on the fact that Prince Charles is basically a locavore hipster who just wants to support his local dairy farms.

What else does the prince crave? "Anything with eggs, with a bed of a lot of local vegetables." Combine all three of his faves and you’ve got a frittata, a respectable dish indeed. We’d totally brunch with the prince if it means feasting on cheesy eggs (and probably drinking loads of posh gin and Champers).

Sadly, there is a bit of a deal breaker. When asked about which foods shouldn’t be served at royal gatherings, Camilla dropped a bomb. "I hate to say this, but garlic. Garlic is a no-no."

Uhhhh, not doing much to dispel the stereotype that British food is bland, are we, Camilla? Apparently, it makes everyone’s breath too stinky in situations when you’re discussing international world politics and whatnot, but TBH, I’d rather just have the garlic in my food and hold the small talk.

Ah, well. You can’t win them all. Perhaps the ultimate solution is hosting a cheesy eggs brunch for the royal duo outside the palace so they can finally enjoy all the garlic they want. We dream of being royals; they dream of delicious, garlicky frittatas.

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