Disney Is Now Selling 'Grown-Ups' Lemonade' and Chocolate Bacon Pastries in Toy Story Land  

Disney is giving lunch box food a big upgrade — along with one major adult overhaul.

At Toy Story Land, the new addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios that opens in Orlando on June 30, visitors are popped into the backyard of Toy Story‘s star kid, Andy. And although the surroundings are designed to channel your inner child — why yes, that is a Cootie bug the size of a car —  the food is surprisingly grownup.

Woody’s Lunch Box, the land’s new quick-service restaurant, features a menu of comfort classics — and a new alcoholic drink, “Grown-Ups’ Lemonade,” made with Three Olives Cherry Vodka. (Disney has recently expanded its alcoholic beverage offerings at Magic Kingdom too.)

When it comes to the food, which includes brisket sandwiches, grilled cheese, loaded tater tots and scratch pastry tarts, “the inspiration is everything we wished our moms put in our lunch box,” says Robert Adams, culinary director for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

But it’s not your mom’s grilled cheese. (Unless your mom included Cotswold cheese.)

“It’s a three-cheese grilled sandwich including Cotswold that’s luscious, gooey and decadent,” says Adams.

The pastry tarts come in two varieties: raspberry and chocolate hazelnut with candied bacon. And for early risers, there’s a breakfast menu featuring a s’mores sandwich made with griddled French toast, chocolate ganache and marshmallow and coated with graham cracker crumbs.

Another new touch: kids can get smaller-sized portions of the adult items, rather than the usual chicken fingers and hot dog options.

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