Cooking Basics: Here's Exactly How to Bake a Potato

If you’re looking for a filling, cheap weeknight meal (and let’s be real, who isn’t?), a baked potato is a great option. Baked potatoes can add some starch and depth to a meal as a side or, with the right toppings, can take center stage. Whether it’s the traditional fixings, such as sour cream, butter, and cheese, or something a little lighter, like Greek yogurt and roasted veggies, baked potatoes are the perfect flavor vehicle.

There are tons of different potatoes (sweet potatoes are our jam) and lots of different ways to cook them (hello, microwave), but we’re going to focus on the tried and true russet potatoes baked in an oven. For this, you’ll need a russet potato (or russet potatoes if you’re cooking for a group or are feeling extra hungry), olive oil, salt, pepper, and tin foil.

Whether you’re a newbie cook or consider yourself a bit of a gourmand, a perfectly cooked baked potato will keep you satisfied and full and ready to take on the world.

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