Coco Pops launches hazelnut flavoured version

Enjoying a bowl of Coco Pops is like a rite of childhood passage – and now there’s a new version to try.

The family favourite breakfast brand is launching a hazelnut flavour for 2022.

Arriving this week, boxes will cost £3.

Like you would with the old classic, add milk and it will transform into a chocolatey hazelnut taste – which Kellogg’s Coco Pops experts spent over a year perfecting, combining cocoa with notes of hazelnut. 

For fans of Nutella – the ultimate hazelnut breakfast table champion – this is likely going to go down a treat.

The special box will be sold in supermarkets for one year only, giving plenty of time to try out the new variety.

Last year, the brand came out with a strawberry and white chocolate version that was only available in 2021 – it was so popular that shoppers were buying over 4,000 boxes of the cereal every day that year.

Expect this one to fly off the shelves too.

2021 also saw the launch of Curiously Cinnamon Churros cereal and M&S’s cereal cluster snack bites, showing our appetites for breakfast time treats know no bounds.

The year before, Sainsbury’s even created mince pie cereal, for those obsessed with Christmas all year round.

This new Coco Pops addition will especially delight those that have long been recommending eating the original variety with hazelnut milk-alternatives on social media.

Amalia Diamanti, Kellogg’s food designer, said: ‘We spent over 12 months developing the new cereal to ensure it was the perfect flavour combination of cocoa and hazelnut. 

‘Coco Pops has such a magical way of transforming milk into a chocolatey swirl, and hazelnut flavour is a natural pairing with it so we can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks.’

Kellogg’s says according to their research, their cereals have 30% less sugar than other chocolate flavoured options.

In 2018, Kellogg’s reduced sugar in Original Coco Pops by 40%, benefitting the health of their consumers.

Kellogg’s Hazelnut Choc Flavour Coco Pops will be available in Asda and Iceland from this week and will roll out into all other major supermarkets over the month.

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