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Chicken With Wine-Braised Asparagus — Say No More, We're In

The following recipe was originally published on Nosh with Tash. You can follow Nosh with Tash host and private chef Natasha Feldman on Instagram here.

If you’re squeamish, you can purchase your chicken spatchcocked; if you’re a freak like me, you’ll want to do it yourself!!! First, you’re going to want to make sure you have a good pair of kitchen shears. If you don’t have these, then the task at hand isn’t going to be very pretty. Place the chicken breast side down on a clean plastic cutting board, then using the shears you’re going to want to cut out the backbone. Cut from the tail to the neck as close to the backbone as possible on one side, and then repeat on the other side. Once the spine is out, twirl it around like a lasso and then keep it for chicken stock. There is only one step left, and it’s the yucky one . . . press down on each of the wings at the same time pretty firmly to crack the breastbone, allowing the bird to lie flat. You did it! Now, on to the recipe . . .

Spatchcock Chicken With Wine Braised Asparagus



For the Chicken:

For the Asparagus:


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