Chef spends thousands whipping up Michelin-style meals for his dogs

If you thought you were the world’s most doting pet-owner then we regret to inform you that your crown has been snatched — by a chef in Canberra, Australia.

29-year-old Daniel Tomas whips up Michelin-style dinners for his dogs every day, including ramen noodles, ‘ice cream’ and quail eggs — all to the tune of £3,400 every year.

Daniel was first inspired to pursue his canine-culinary journey after Joey, his rescue Kelpie, developed an autoimmune disease that was threatening to take away his nose.

After a visit to a traditional vet proved fruitless, Daniel turned to a holistic vet who educated him on the benefits that raw, fresh food can have on a dog’s health.

Given that Daniel already had ten years of kitchen experience under his belt, he decided to put these skills to the test by producing the picturesque dishes he makes and documents on his Instagram account @chefsanddogs.

‘Previously I have been a chef and personal trainer for almost 10 years helping people reach their health and nutrition goals,’ said Daniel, who now runs his own raw dog food business.

‘It’s been great to talk to and learn from other professionals in the dog nutrition industry while I make meals at Chefs & Dogs.

‘I love making little snacks for my dogs, so they get to try all different ingredients and combinations.’

Alongside his Kelpie Joey, Daniel owns two other dogs, Alkali and Caelan, who he feeds dog-friendly ramen, ice cream made from Greek yoghurt, bone broth, whole lamb served on a plate alongside quail eggs, and more.

Spoiling his dogs doesn’t come cheap: Daniel spends around £19-£22 a week per dog.

There’s also the time he invests in the project.

‘I prep dishes one day a week, which takes around one hour and then just a few minutes to plate up and serve with any other goodies I can find,’ says Daniel.

Daniel’s Instagram account has attracted many dog meal-devotees, with over 17,000 followers, and it’s easy to see why — these meals look good enough to get your mouth watering, until you read the description and discover that that beautiful cake is cunningly constructed out of lamb offal with yoghurt and spirulina icing.

‘That looks amazing,’ someone commented on his pup-friendly ramen dish, while another person added ‘this is next-level goodness.’

Daniel suggested that anyone who follows him on Instagram and wants to replicate his cookery for their dogs speak to a holistic vet or dog nutritionist.

While Daniel’s Instagram account may have attracted a big following, Daniel did highlight one key downside to following him on the social media channel: ‘a few think my dogs are eating better than them.’

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