Can't choose between a doner kebab and a pie? There's now a hybrid option

Kebabs and pies are among the country’s most beloved takeaway dishes – especially after a night out at the pub.

So if you’ve ever had trouble choosing between the two UK favourites, you’ll be glad to hear about this new launch.

In a Frankenstein-style amalgamation of takeaway staples, Pukka has released a doner kebab pie that’s now available in supermarkets.

Rather than scrolling away at your delivery apps deciding what to order, the brand wants to make the decision for you, allowing you to get the best of both worlds and bung one of these in the oven.

The pie features doner-style beef (which we assume means it wasn’t actually cooked on a vertical rotisserie but hopefully tastes like it was) along with red and green peppers and hot sauce, all encased in 144 layers of light puff pastry.

It certainly sounds intriguing, especially with the ‘oozing sweet and sticky’ chilli sauce designed to mirror the true kebab shop experience.

Yet we can’t help recalling when Domino’s tried a similar mash-up with a doner pizza; a limited edition combination that hasn’t since been called back for an encore.

Regardless, at £1.99, Pukka’s option is certainly more budget-friendly than a takeaway, and you can pick one up on your weekly shop in Morrisons (it’s set to roll out to Tesco and Asda soon).

Whether it’s an abomination or an innovation, only you can decide.

Pukka does have a serving suggestion, though, with a spokesperson commenting: ‘Pair with chunky chips alongside a Turkish salad (not forgetting the green chilli peppers). Or if you want to go all out, pack it into a pitta bread for the ultimate at home fakeaway.

‘Oh, and don’t forget to dip your sides in chilli or garlic sauce.’

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