Canned pumpkin brand dismisses shortage rumors, provides reason for limited availability

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There’s no reason to panic about pumpkins.

It’s been a rough year, filled with a variety of shortages on consumer items. The manufacturers and processors of everything from toilet paper and burgers, to beer cans and even pepperoni, have reportedly experienced increased demand or supply-chain issues amid the pandemic, and it seems like every other month some new shortage is being announced.

Recent reports have also suggested that some areas were experiencing shortages of canned pumpkin at supermarkets, leading to rumors of a pumpkin shortage in general.

Fortunately, it turns out that everything is going to be OK. Libby’s, one of the the primary producers of canned pumpkin, simply had a late harvest, the company announced on social media earlier this month. The brand blamed weather conditions for a delay in the harvesting and delivering of the gourds.

Canned pumpkin should be fully stocked on store shelves with plenty of time to bake pumpkin pies before the holidays, the company says.

In a statement published to social media, Libby’s wrote, “Many folks have asked about pumpkin availability lately. We’re excited to report that this season’s pumpkin will be on shelves starting in mid-October — a little later than we wanted, but in plenty of time for the holidays!”

“Due to weather conditions, our harvest was slightly delayed this year," the post continues. "Timing is key when picking pumpkins to ensure maximum flavor. You can’t rush Mother Nature! This will not affect the overall availability or quality of Libby’s pumpkin throughout the season.”


If there was going to be a pumpkin shortage, however, there’s a group of people in Utah that could probably save the day: Fox News previously reported that the Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers named a new record holder at this year’s weigh-off.

The Utah Giant Pumpkins Growers recently held its 16th annual weigh-off at Thanksgiving Point, and there were literally thousands of pounds of pumpkin on display. The winner, Dr. Mohamed Sadiq, had grown a pumpkin that reportedly weighed in at 1,825 pounds.


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