Bernard Matthews teases return of sorely missed Turkey Twizzlers

There’s a generation of people who dislike Jamie Oliver, and it’s not even just because of the way he constantly says ‘pukka’ and bastardises Caribbean food.

It’s because he was the man responsible for the death of the Turkey Twizzler, the 34% meat food that was the staple dinner for most 90s children (along with potato smiles and beans, of course).

After Jamie criticised the twirly treats on his show Jamie’s School Dinners, makers Bernard Matthew couldn’t take the negative press and stopped producing Turkey Twizzlers in 2005.

But after a long, cold, sad 15 years, it appears they might be coming back.

Posting a video to their Facebook page, Bernard Matthews hinted at their return, saying ‘Get ready for the comeback of the century you have all been waiting for!’

In the video the narrator says: ‘A long time ago, one moment changed everything.

‘But now, with the world in need of joy than ever, the time has come.’

Bernard Matthews’ profile photo has also been updated to show the words: ‘Comeback of the century.’

It’s not yet clear whether it will officially be Turkey Twizzlers, but surely Bernard and the lads wouldn’t play us like that.

Get ready for the comeback of the century you have all been waiting for!

It’s also not been confirmed whether there will be more meat content in the reintroduced version, with the 34% figure previously hounding the swirls when it came to publicity.

As well as turkey, there was pork fat, water, rusk, turkey skin, oil, and a fair few e-numbers.

But while Mr Oliver may have lambasted them for that, those who regularly consumed them before heading out to play on our bikes of an evening know that all these odd ingredients were what made them so delicious.

If Turkey Twizzlers are wrong, we don’t want to be right. We’re ready to eat like kings once again.

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