Below Deck Med Chef Mila Kolomeitseva Gets Fired After Multiple Cooking Disasters

The Sirocco yacht has finally said goodbye to its struggling chef on Monday night’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean.

At the beginning of the episode, captain Sandy Yawn called chef Mila Kolomeitseva into the bridge for a talk. In last week’s teaser, it looked like she might show sympathy for the chef as Kolomeitseva begged to stay on for a third charter, but Yawn ultimately fired her.

“As a human being, I have all the compassion in the world,” Yawn said. “But as a captain, I have to let you go.”

Kolomeitseva shocked viewers from the beginning of her time on the charter yacht, when she licked raw steak and wanted to serve guests nachos made with jarred salsa and canned corn. She struggled to make pancakes from a box and served canned seafood on the second charter, which led Yawn to take the guests out for their final lunch and put third stewardess Anastasia Surmava, an experienced chef, on lead for dinner service.

“I was definitely super nervous, but at the same time, I was still like, I’m not the chef,” Surmava told PEOPLE recently. “At the end of the day, this is on Mila.”

As Kolomeitseva left, she said she won’t give up cooking.

“Of course it makes me feel awful,” she said in an interview. “People like me who have big egos sometimes have to be put down to earth a little bit. But it makes me feel like I want to work even harder.”

With the crew’s chef gone, Yawn asked Surmava to once again serve as chef. She agreed, but only for the next charter. Yawn also appointed Travis Michalzik, a deckhand who has yacht cooking experience, to help her in the galley, putting the crew two members down for the charter.

Despite having to work extra to cover for a lost member, the crew was glad to see Kolomeitseva off the ship. “Don’t let the gangway hit you on the way out,” chief stew Hannah Ferrier tweeted during the episode.

And Surmava and Michalzik left the charter guests satisfied. For lunch, they made a Mexican spread featuring homemade tortillas — besting Kolomeitseva’s packaged corn tortilla shells — and for dinner, they made homemade gnocchi at the primary guest’s request.

Surmava has made it clear that she doesn’t want to spend the rest of the season as chef, which now leaves fans and crew members wondering who will come in to fill the position.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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