Baker savagely mocked for selling ‘ugly’ £60 cake to a customer

A birthday cake feud has gone viral online, with people criticising a US baker for delivering an “ugly” cake to an upset customer.

The controversy began when baker Kylie Allen posted to TikTok about the “worst client experience” she has ever had since opening her baking company, Kylie Kakes.

In the TikTok video, Kylie explains a customer reached out to her company and wished to order a six-layer rainbow sprinkled cake, which Kylie said is one of the “signature” cakes for the company that she has been baking “for a really long time”.

She said the customer was upset once the cake was delivered and was “really surprised” that the cake was covered in sprinkles.

Kylie added that she explained all cakes in this style were covered in sprinkles, but said the customer got “super defensive” and “rude” about the price of the cake, and that the customer ended up writing a post on Facebook about the baking company.

@kylieraeallen Worst client experinece so far ������ #cake #cakes #cakedecorating #cakedecorator #rainbowcake #fypシ #fyp #sprinkles #cakesoftiktok #karen #badclient ♬ original sound – Kylie Allen

However, the customer has now identified herself and has claimed there is more to the rainbow cake story.

Ashleigh Freeman purchased the custom cake from Kylie for her mother’s birthday and claims the cake is not up to the standard she expected after seeing photographs from the baking company online.

On her own TikTok, Ashleigh posted a video of the rainbow sprinkle cake that was delivered to her, and users were not impressed by the quality of the cake.

One person wrote: “I could’ve done a better job than that and for $20” while another person said: “I’d feel so embarrassed to claim that as my work”.

In an interview with the New York Post, Ashleigh said: “I was expecting it to look like a professional grade cake with even layers, clean edges and legible handwriting.”

Instead, the cake buttercream and sprinkles appear to be uneven, and the words “Happy Birthday Trilby” appear in messy lettering on top of the birthday cake.

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@afreebird Replying to @samitheninja #nailedit ♬ Titanic flute fail – Funny/Awesome Vids

On TikTok Ashleigh posted the private Facebook correspondence she had with Kylie.

In the pictures, the owner of the West Virginia bakery says the price of the $75 (£60) cake is due to the time it takes it to bake the cake and did not understand “where the confusion was” as she explained how the cakes are made.

After a heated back-and-forth, Kylie wrote: “A disrespectful person is no good customer of mine. Have a great day ma’am.”

In the screenshot, Ashleigh replied: “It’s not disrespectful to expect quality. It’s disrespectful to serve your reliable customers something like this. Good luck, you’re gonna need it.”

Since Kylie and Ashleigh posted their videos, they have gained millions of views and the hashtag “#CakeGate” has racked up over 29 million views on TikTok.

Many people have been making their own videos in response to the controversy, and have been debating if the rainbow cake was worth the price and if it was made to a professional standard.

On the social media platform Reddit, people have also been talking about the widespread drama, debating whether or not Kylie or Ashleigh were in the right over their customer dispute.

One user said: “I do think some of the cakes that the baker has on her TikTok are nice. However, that sprinkle cake was not it. I would have been embarrassed to give that to a customer. I would have at least redone the icing and sprinkles.”

In an interview with USA Today, Kylie said she did not expect her video to become as popular as it has, and will not be posting about customer interactions in the future.

Kylie said: “Getting so many comments has been overwhelming but I’m handling it well.”

On TikTok, Kylie posted a response to the criticism she has received over the cake, and said: “I have worked extremely hard to get where I am you guys [who] have nothing going on with your life and yourself have so much to say about a situation that you don’t know the full backstory on.”

She added: “I would just keep your mouth shut because it’s not doing anything.”

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