All the Game of Thrones-Themed Food and Drinks You Can Get to Celebrate the Series Finale

The end of an era deserves a cupcake celebration! A box of these GoT-inspired cupcakes includes three House of Targaryen red velvet cupcakes; three Lannister vanilla cupcakes; three Stark dark chocolate cupcakes; and three Lemon Dragon fruit cake cupcakes topped with blueberry frosting and black cherry candy “Dragon Glass”—plus a sword! The box will cost $49-56, depending on the location.

Inspired by Arya Stark and her special training with Jaqen H’ghar and the Faceless Men of Braavos, Mountain Dew has released a limited-edition Game of Thrones-inspired can: “A Can Has No Name.” When warm, the can appears blank—no branding, no words, no hints. After placed in the fridge, the can reveals the names on Arya’s kill list, reminding fans of the people she has killed and the ones still remaining targets as the series comes to a close. 

This brewery’s newest Game of Thrones-inspired beer is named For The Throne, a tribute to all the characters fighting to take their rightful seat on the Iron Throne. A golden copper beer with notes of pear and apricot, For The Throne is an ale with a hefty 9.5% ABV. 

Winemaker Bob Cabral is about as big of a Game of Thrones fan as he is a wine fan. So when HBO commissioned him to make a collection of wines that embodies the spirit of the show, he took the challenge in stride. The Cabernet Sauvignon has since sold out, but you can still purchase the Red Wine Blend and Chardonnay for $20 each online. 

Johnnie Walker has expanded into the Game of Thrones universe (and beyond The Wall) with a limited-edition blended scotch whisky, cleverly named White Walker by Johnnie Walker. The icy-blue bottle was designed using thermochromic ink, revealing a secret message when frozen. Johnnie Walker suggests serving the drink ice cold to bring out notes of caramelized sugar, vanilla and red berries. 

A Westerosi take on the iconic cookie, Game of Thrones Oreos have the same chocolate wafers and sweet vanilla cream that you know and love, but are embossed with four GoT-inspired designs. Each cookie is stamped with the sigils of the Lannisters (a lion), Targaryens (a dragon) or Starks (a direwolf), or a portrait of the creepy Night King.

The not-so-secret Game of Thrones menu at Shake Shake includes two inspired items: the spicy-sauced Dracarys Burger and mint-vanilla Dragonglass shake topped with sharp toffee shards. Together, they are the meal of fire and ice. The only catch: You have to order in Valyrian—one of the fictional languages spoken on the show—if you want to score the goods. Luckily, they have a translation guide at the counter.

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