15 Creative Ice Cream Flavors You Can Make at Home

Summer is half-dedicated to being out in the blazing sun soaking up the rays while they’re available and half about finding ways to cool off so you don’t melt into a puddle during those sweltering days. 

Ice cream plays a crucial role in our cool-down plan of action, and while we promise we’ve done our due diligence and spent hours in front of the freezer section, there’s nothing quite like some DIY ice cream realness. So we propose a new hobby: artisan ice cream maker. Just for the summer! It’s all in the name of self-care and science, really. On board? Great. Here are the homemade ice cream flavors we’d be happy to taste test for you.

1. Blueberry cheesecake ice cream

Image: Jamie Cooks It Up.

Not only is summertime ice cream season, it’s also blueberry season. We’re not sure what season cheesecake technically belongs in, but we can tell you blueberry cheesecake ice cream is a delicious combo to make at home.

2. Birthday cake ice cream

Image: Kleinworth Co.

We’re not sure why birthday cake is reserved for birthdays, but nobody’s going to think twice about diving into this birthday cake ice cream whether it’s the anniversary of your birth, your half-birthday or somewhere in between.

3. Maple-walnut ice cream

Image: Simply Stacie.

Walnuts are a healthy nut, and maple is a natural sugar, which basically makes this maple-walnut ice cream a superfood, right?

4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream

Image: Big Bear’s Wife.

Sorry, Froot Loops; we’re sure you’d be a tasty ice cream too. But let’s throw it back to the cereal of our childhoods with this Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream.

5. Boozy peach ice cream

Image: Pizzazzerie.

Mix your dessert and your drinks with this flavorful summer-ready boozy peach ice cream.

6. Cotton candy ice cream

Image: Home And Plate.

This cotton candy ice cream has all the fun of a day at the carnival without the nausea-inducing spinning carousel rides of your nightmares.

7. Lemon ice cream

Image: Joyous Apron.

Lemon in your water, lemon in your ice cream. It’s that simple. This lemon ice cream is deliciously creamy and refreshing.

8. Black cherry-fudge ice cream

Image: Kitchen Meets Girl.

Summer is cherry season. Why not pair it with fudge (it’s always the right time for fudge) for a delicious cherry-fudge ice cream treat?

9. Blood orange ice cream

Image: The View From Great Island.

Super-citrusy but not too sweet, this blood orange ice cream is a fancy and flavorful dessert.

10. Vegan lavender ice cream

Image: Homegrown Provisions.

Sensitive to dairy? Just looking to change it up? This vegan lavender ice cream is lightly floral and delicious.

11. Cinnamon dulce de leche ice cream

Image: A Latte Food.

Get your cinnamon fix with this creamy cinnamon dulce de leche ice cream.

12. Roasted banana-chocolate chunk ice cream

Image: Handle The Heat.

Chocolate and banana go together like beaches and swimsuits. The roasted bananas in this roasted banana-chocolate chunk ice cream add a little extra je ne sais quoi to a classic mix.

13. Black coffee ice cream

Image: The View From Great Island.

Coffee lovers, this one is for you. This recipe blows traditional coffee ice cream out of the water with a truly bold, black coffee flavor.

14. Rosemary ice cream

Image: Cook Nourish Bliss.

Got rosemary bushes kicking around your garden? Put the flavorful herb to good use with this rosemary ice cream recipe.

15. Basil ice cream

Image: A Beautiful Plate.

Basil is the patron herb saint of summer, and before your plant gets bushy and overgrown, clip some leaves and make this incredible basil ice cream. 

No matter what ice cream you make, just make sure you share. We’ll have our spoons ready.

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