You've been cleaning your tupperware all wrong – get rid of orange stains for good for just 6 PENCE

THERE'S nothing more annoying than using a new piece of tupperware once, only for it to emerge from the dishwasher orange and stained.

But one home decor expert has come up with a cheap, quick and easy way to return your plastic pots to their former glory – and all you need is a pack of Milton sterilising tablets.

On her TikTok page HomeThirtyOne, Grace shared a video of herself trying to get a stained tupperware pot clean.

"A tip to get rid of stained tupperware…" she began, before pouring boiling water from the kettle into the pot.  

Once full, she dropped a Milton tablet in, and let it sit.

After the tablet had completely dispersed, the stains had also disappeared, with Grace exclaiming: "Look at the difference!"

Once rinsed out, the tupperware is good as new again.

And given that a pack of 28 Milton sterilising tablets costs around £1.89 – this works out at just 6p per tablet.

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"So many people need this in their lives," one person commented on the video, to which Grace replied: "Game changer!"

Another person commented: "Great hack!!"

Of course, there are other ways to clean tupperware – many of which have been documented on social media platforms such as TikTok and Facebook.

"That's cool but you can do that with a paper towel soap and water in there and shake it , takes away stains," another person commented on the video.

While someone else suggested: "You can also let it bathe in the sun for 20 minutes & the discolouration will disappear!"

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