You've been cleaning up your pet hair all wrong – the £1 product which'll reduce your hoovering time to seconds

CLEANING up after pets can be a time-consuming process.

But one pet owner has come up with a brilliant and quick hack to drastically reduce your hoovering time – and all you need is a lint roller.

The TikTok account Suki & Asher shared a video of themselves using a roller, which costs from around £1, on their black rabbit – with a huge amount of hair coming off onto the sticky plastic.

The video quickly attracted comments from people praising the hack, with one writing: "GENIUS my bunny sheds so much in the summer and no matter what we can’t get it all off."

Fur mum Nicki then duetted with the video as she tried the hack out on her own rabbit.

"I had no idea rabbits shed this much, and I had no idea this was going to work," she began.

However, after using the roller to get off the hair, she exclaimed: "Holy cow, it works!"

Some people in the comments section criticised the hack, stating that it hurt the rabbit, but Nicki hit back as she insisted the hair that was coming off was dead and loose anyway.

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"We are gentle with him, we help him groom a little each day," she explained to another commenter.

"Their skin is sensitive during this time so we just don't overdo it."

Others said they'd use the hack on their own rabbits, cats and even dogs.

"I've done that to my dog," someone wrote. "It never ends and still gonna shed.

"He loves it tho.. always goes belly up so I don't miss a spot."

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