You're in the top 22% if you can spot the queen bee in less than 5 seconds | The Sun

IF you can spot the queen bee in less than five seconds, you may be in the world's top 22% of people.

How quickly can you spot it in the optical illusion?

Interior experts at Make My Blinds put together a brain puzzle to test your critical thinking skills.

According to the company, over one in five people can spot the queen bee in less than 5 seconds.

That's about 22% of the population.

Queen bees are typically the largest bees in the entire colony, have shorter wings, are a different color, and are smooth and shiny.

Can you determine where the insect is strategically placed in the visual below?

Not everyone can figure it out quickly on the first try.

If it took you longer than five seconds, don't worry because the answer is revealed below.

The pattern used for the brainteaser was from the Honeybee Birch Roman Blind.

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It can also be used for eyelet curtains, $36,81, and pencil pleat curtains, $18.82.

There are plenty of other brain puzzles that test your critical thinking skills.

Make My Blinds has another challenging brainteaser to keep you on your toes.

Apparently, in less than ten seconds, only one in nine people can find the four drone bees in this illusion.

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