You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the fearsome leopard hiding in the savannah in five seconds | The Sun

HIDDEN away in this lush Saharan scene is a killer cat and you’ll need the eyes of a hawk to spot it in just five seconds.

Somewhere in this grassy shot is a cleverly camouflaged leopard, tucked away in the wilderness perhaps ready to pounce.

Social media users have been left baffled by its whereabouts after TikTokker TheFamily_Guy1 shared the optical illusion with his followers.

The puzzling image was posted by the content creator to his followers, who eagerly took up the challenge of spotting the hidden animal.

His comment section was quickly flooded with guesses and some even tried to work out the species to help narrow down their search.

Some commenters even insisted they saw a zebra lurking in the wilderness.


You have the eyes of hawk if you can spot the baby owls in this tree

You have eyes of a hawk if you can spot the animals in this tree

"No zebra," one viewer wrote. "Where is that anyone?"

Several TikTok users then started suggesting that the hidden animal may be a wild cat.

"Tiger, bro. That was easy," one not so sharp-eyed commenter wrote.

Another viewer came close by making the guess of a jaguar.

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Overall, there was a split in guesses of the wild animal but most settled on a big cat, specifically a tiger.

Some were convinced that the hidden beast was a jaguar and a few were left stumped and undecided.

A few boasted that they had spotted the lurking leopard right away with one saying they were “ecstatic” that they had cracked the optical illusion.

While some users were successful others were wildly incorrect, and very frustrated.

"You won't be able to do this," the TikTok user insisted at the start of the video.

The mischievous TikTokker had only captioned the video “Find the hidden animal” alongside an emoji of a zebra which threw people off track.

"It's almost impossible," he warned, grinning wickedly and challenging viewers to share in the comments whether they could solve the puzzle.

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