You have a keen eye for detail if you can spot the differences between these cute giraffes in under 20 seconds | The Sun

THESE identical-looking images might fool you, but they have three cleverly camouflaged differences between them.

You could have red-hot observation skills if you can find the differences between the giraffe cartoons in only 20 seconds.

A keen eye for detail is needed in the race against the clock to spot the three differences in this tricky brain-teaser.

Even the most eagle-eyed puzzles all over the world have been racking their brains to work it out.

This is the perfect head-scratcher to get your mind and eyes working together seamlessly and quickly.

These kind of challenges help to stimulate cognitive function, keeping your mind sharp and active and boosting creativity.

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If you are struggling, it may help to try to look up higher up in the images.

Still finding it hard? Fear not, help is on its way.

One of the differences can be found in the giraffe's horns – also called ossicones – as there is one less in the second picture.

Another difference is a larger slit in the centre of its mane and the last difference is one less branch in the bushy tree in the background.

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