You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the real-life dog hiding among the fake pet pooches in under 15 seconds | The Sun

THIS eye-catching puzzle features a real dog hiding among fake counterparts.

See if you can spot the perfectly-poised pet in less than 15 seconds…

When the Husky Fam shared a video challenging followers to find the real dog on TikTok, one viewer joked that she needed to "go to the eye doctor."

The clip features scores of blow-up dogs, including huskies and dalmatians.

The family often posts cute animal-based videos from their farm, including via YouTube and Instagram.

They recently showed how to make pumpkin puree – and even watermelon-style frozen fries in dip – for dogs, including their beloved huskies.

For this particular puzzle, their pet husky, named Sky, was hidden amidst the phony pooches in their living room.

One viewer asked: "Why do you have so many blow up dogs?"

Another asked how the owners managed to entice Sky to patiently sit for so long during the filming.

"The real question is how did you get your dog to stand still in all of that," they said.

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Among the many successful eagle-eyed followers, one responded to the puzzle: "Found it and she is very cute."

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