Woman with face tattoo of ex's name gets it covered after breakup – people say her way of inking over it is 'wild' | The Sun

ONE post-breakup woman has covered the mark of her past relationship that was left on her face.

She got a tattoo of her ex's name on her forehead made into a design, and people said it's wild.

In her video, Carisma (@itsthecatsmeoww) revealed how she inked over her ex-boyfriend.

The 28-year-old was ready to have the man's name removed from her mind and her face.

So, she redesigned the script across her forehead that originally read: "Derrick."

And viewers were not expecting such an eccentric makeover.

Carisma's ex-boyfriend's name was placed off the side, just below her hairline.

Though the lettering was thin, Carisma's new look was thick and full, taking up almost the entire right side of her forehead.

The New York-based tattoo artist displayed the before and after.

A massive red rose with a green stem now sat where "Derrick" used to be.

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And next to the flower was a new cursive name: "Timothy."

Before her new ink, Carisma's followers thought she'd only be able to date Derricks.

She said: "Not true. There's always a way… first one being to not tattoo names on your body."

However, people were confused when they saw her Timothy flower layered on top.

"WILD to get a massive face cover-up tattoo and to still choose to add another name," a stunned individual commented.

A harsh viewer wrote: "Second-hand embarrassment."

"No lessons were learned," a blunt TikTok user wrote.

"At least that red will be easier to cover up than the black was," a positive woman remarked.

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