Woman uses a mix of coconut oil, salt and baking soda to get her filthy oven clean in minutes

THERE'S few areas of the kitchen more troublesome to clean than the inside of a filthy oven.

But one woman has come up with a genius trick to remove grime and get it sparkling in minutes.

Tiffany Martin Peterson revealed in Facebook group Home Cleaning Tips And Tricks that she used an enzyme-based oven cleaner and detergent – which some consider more eco-friendly and "non-toxic" – to get off the worst of the caked-on dirt.

However, it was an easy paste comprising of coconut oil, salt and baking soda she made at home that got the oven sparkling in minutes.

The woman showed off the miraculous results in pictures of two ovens on top of each other.

The top oven was impressively clean and the other was still to get a good scrub.

Alongside the pictures, she wrote: "Showed a professional bakery how to clean without chemicals cleaners today!

"Picture was taken after I finished cleaning the top oven. Both ovens are now cleaned! Happy with the results!

"Used enzyme-based oven cleaner, non-toxic enzyme-based detergent, and a cleaning paste which you can make one yourself easily with coconut oil, baking soda, and salt.

"You can find enzyme-based cleaners online or at retail stores."

People rushed to comment on her impressive post.

One person wrote: "Amazing!!"

Another shared: "This is great!!"

A third added: "Wow."

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