Woman swears by Aldi's £19.99 candle as the perfect dupe for Jo Malone's £320 one

ARE you obsessed with Jo Malone but can’t justify forking out for one of their pricey candles?

A woman has sworn by Aldi’s £19.99 candle, which she claims is a perfect dupe for Jo Malone’s £320 one. 

She shared a photo of her bargain Aldi candle on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK – and it does look remarkably similar. 

The Aldi candle has a pomegranate scent, similar to Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir. 

The savvy shopper wrote: “Thought I’d share this as it shows the big candle for size!! I’m crazy for jo malone but this is a dupe and it’s massive! 

“£19.99 from Aldi. Smells lovely even without lighting. I’ve used the smaller version and it holds its smell really well!”

  • Pomegranate Hurricane candle, £19.99 from Aldi – buy now

  • Pomegranate Noir candle, £320 from Net-a-Porter – buy now

And it seems other people are a fan of the Aldi versions too, with one person commenting: “I love the Aldi ones!! I have the diffusers too!”

Another person added: “I love this and just ordered one as my Aldi have sold out.”

One wrote: “If only I had loads of money that I could spend £320 on a candle and not think I’ve lost the plot !”

However, one person reasoned: “They smell very similar I agree but the Jo Malone one stay around for hours. However, for the Aldi price it's all good.”

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