Woman slammed as ‘disrespectful’ after she wore a full-fledged mermaid bridal gown as a wedding guest

A WEDDING guest is being labeled as ‘disrespectful’ after a video of her wearing a full-fledged mermaid bridal gown to someone’s special day was posted online. 

The poster, an engaged woman herself, clearly did not agree with the attire and asked people what they would do if a guest wore a white gown to their wedding.

In the caption of the TikTok video, the poster confirmed that the dress in question was white and revealed the woman’s daughter also wore a white dress. 

Fellow TikTokers were in disbelief over the fact that someone had the audacity to wear an obvious wedding dress to someone else’s reception. 

“I would have probably ‘accidentally’ spilled some (a lot) [of] red wine on it to change the color,” one person commented.

“I’d have to let it go ‘cause if I hyperfocused on it, it would ruin my night and end with me punching her!” another user claimed.

Several other users admitted they thought the woman in the mermaid gown was the bride until the poster explained that she was just a guest.

The woman who shared the video agreed with another TikToker who said she would have asked the guest to leave the wedding.

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She also said that she and her family thought there was another wedding occuring simultaneously until they realized the mermaid gown was being worn by a guest at the wedding they were attending.

The poster did not reveal if any drama occurred due to the choice of clothing, but by the look of it, the woman stayed at the event and danced the night away.

The motive behind the woman wearing a bridal gown to a wedding that was not hers is unknown, but she’s not the first person to make the usually offensive apparel choice. 

A woman previously opened up in an anonymous post on Reddit that her mother-in-law wore her own wedding dress to her and her hubsand’s nuptials because she was upset they shut down her orignal dress choice.

“She had gotten married a year and a half before us, so it wasn't like she pulled some 80s wedding dress out of a box,” the bride wrote. 

“This was actually gorgeous, thankfully cream not white, and it definitely stood out at our fairly simple wedding. 

“I was very upset.”

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