Woman reenacts THAT scene from When Harry Met Sally in London cafe for International Female Orgasm Day – and the reaction might surprise you

Meg Ryan famously caused a stir in a Manhattan deli in the 1989 cult rom com, to prove that men can't tell when a woman's faking it while having lunch with co-star Billy Crystal.

Now Ann Summers has sent a lady to recreate the famous scene in our capital, to encourage women not to fake it on International Female Orgasm Day – which happens to be today.

And the response might surprise you.

You may think the sound of a complete stranger 'orgasming' would put you off your bacon sarnie – but this lot seem to find the whole thing hilarious.

One bloke even gets out his phone to record to spectacle.

Ann Summers' new Moregasm sex toy range promises to give women the best orgasms of their lives – and prices start at £45.

You can get all the goss on the range here.

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