Woman raves about Poundland’s glittery fake nails – as shoppers claim they stay on for three weeks

KEEPING your nails looking their best can be a seriously expensive habit – with many women spending hundreds of pounds and hours of their time in salons.

And while many may worry that fake alternatives may end up looking cheap, ladies have been taking to Facebook to share their love of Poundland's affordable range of falsies.

Rather than draining your bank account over polish, gel and acrylic, budget brand Poundland's nails only set buyers back £1 – and bargain beauty hunters are in a frenzy over them.

Members of the Poundland Appreciation Society on Facebook have taken to one woman's post showing her glittering manicure to share their love for the stick-on talons.

Next to a picture of her glittery false nails, the British woman wrote: "I love Poundland nails. They're stick on's, such a bargain."

And many women agreed, taking to the comment section as they couldn't believe the nails were fake, and others were champing at the bit to use them.

"Are they false?" one woman responded. "They look very realistic and beautiful."

While another added: "I used these for a night out and everyone complimented them."

And a third shared: "I have used these in the past and they stayed on for three weeks, and probably much longer but I fancied a change."

Some simply commented that they looked 'lovely'.

Other ladies asked how the nails should be born, with people chipping in to explain that just a simple bit of glue, which the kit normally comes with, would do the job to hold them.

"Some of the nails are sticky on the back, too," another woman helpfully added. "Or you can just buy some nail glue separately."

Poundland also recently launched two ranges of nails with ex-TOWIE star Ferne McCann, available in stiletto and square tops.

Priced at £1 each, it's a cheap alternative for those who want to get a celebrity look.

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