Woman gets huge blackout tattoo on her arm but everyone is saying the same thing

BLACKOUT tattoos are becoming increasingly popular but many people are asking one specific question about these – what is the point?

A blackout tattoo is where a major portion of the tattooed area is fully filled in with solid black ink – this can be done to cover up bad tattoo work or can be for aesthetic reasons.

Tattoo artist Edgar Licona posted a video on his TikTok account @darkornament showing a woman receiving one of these.

The video shows the woman’s arm as part of is coloured in black with ink. She, understandably appears to be in rather a lot of pain while this is going on – leading some to wonder why anyone would get one of these tats.

Others seemed to find her suffering amusing, with one commenter writing: “It’s giving Bella after James bit her in Twilight.”

Another appeared to criticise the artist, saying: “I'm a Tattoo artist and I see no sense in putting someone through so much pain I always have numbing spray and cream available.”


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Many viewers of the clip questioned the decision to get a blackout tattoo: “What is the point of this anyways? Like I love tattoos but why this? Lol” wrote one TikTok user.

Another added: “What's the point of these black out sleeves, anyway? Been seeing quite a few lately.”

“Why don’t you wear black long sleeve then?” asked a third – and yes we agree, that would be quite a bit easier (and cheaper) than getting a blackout tattoo.

Others seemed to worry about what will happen if the woman ends up regretting the tattoo.

“Imagine how it would feel when you want to remove it,” wrote one concerned viewer.

The unnamed woman featured in Edgar’s video is far from the only person to go viral due to a strange tattoo.

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