Woman gets her grimy, limescale-marked shower screen sparkling in minutes with Poundland spray

IT'S one of those tedious household chores that gets progressively worse the longer you leave it.

Well if nothing fills you with dread quite like scrubbing your filthy shower screen, then may want to whizz down to your local Poundland and stock up on a budget cleaning spray which promises to overhaul your bathroom.

Singing the praises of Astonish's £1 Bathroom Cleaner Spray , one woman posted incredible before-and-after photos on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It.

The woman originally posted on the private group looking for advice on how to get rid of the unsightly limescale stains.

She wrote: "So this is my shower and the glass is all water marked from before I even moved in.

"I have tried everything to get this off – any advice on what would get this glass looking new?"

  • Astonish Bathroom Cleaner, £1 from The Range

After over 170 members recommended their tried-and-tested tips and tricks, the woman was delighted to find that a £1 spray worked wonders for removing water stains.

The Astonish spray – which cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch keeps in her "Narnia" stash – contains sodium hydroxide which effectively dissolves limescale.

Spritzing the pine-scented spray all over the shower, the woman then left for a few minutes and was blown away by the streak-free glistening results.

Better still, the multipurpose product can also be used on taps, basins, shower heads and ceramic tiles.

  • Star Drops Pink Paste, £4.75 from Amazon – buy now

Along with wiping away the water stains, the woman also tackled the most stubborn areas of limescale with The Pink Stuff cleaning paste – which costs just £1 from Poundland.

Unsurprisingly, other users were equally astounded with the sparkling results.

One replied: "I NEED to try this."

Another added: "Amazing results!!"

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