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A WOMAN has divided opinion after sharing her "hack" for soaking up excess fat when cooking mince.

Victoria regularly shares her tips and tricks on her social media pages, and recently sparked a fierce debate with her suggestion for frying minced meat.

In her TikTok video, she showed herself cooking the mince in a frying pan, as she wrote over the top: "The simplest way to remove excess fat when cooking ground meat is… "

She then showed herself unwrapping two tampons, and popping them into the frying pan.

"They will absorb all the fat," she added.

When she'd finished cooking the mince, the tampons had significantly expanded, and were "browned" as well.

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But lots of people in the comments disagreed with Victoria's method, insisting hacks like these are why they don't eat at other people's houses.

"And this is why I never eat someone else’s cooking," one wrote.

"I can’t eat in anyone’s house, seriously I’m done!" another added.

"You can’t eat at everybody houseeeeee," a third commented.

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"I will always avoid eating at people’s homes!" someone else wrote.

As another agreed, adding: "And this, everyone, is why you don't eat at other peoples houses!"

Others warned against the "hack" due to the chemicals in the tampons themselves.

While some people admitted the cost of living crisis means that even tampons are too expensive to use in the way Victoria had.

"Everyone worried about the chemicals I’m just too poor to waste 2 tampons like that," one wrote.

"Tampons are too expensive to be used for this," another added.

"Girl, in this economy?! Nope, I need my tampons where we use'em," a third agreed.

While Victoria is a regular user of the hack, those warning against it due to the chemicals are correct.

Tampons may contain dioxin from bleach, pesticide residues from non-organic cotton, as well as mystery "fragrance" ingredients if they are scented.

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They also often contain paraffin wax, which is used to keep the string clean.

So using them in the way Victoria does, is not recommended.

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