Woman, 26, who’s 35-year age gap husband is only 8 years younger than her GRANDAD is elected as Tory MP

A YOUNG woman, whose relationship with a man 35 years older than her was explored on a reality TV show, has been elected as an MP.

Dehenna Davison, 26, stood as the Conservative candidate for formerLabour-stronghold Bishop Aukland – just a year after starring in Channel 4 programme Bride & Prejudice with now-husband John Fareham.

The MP won the seat – held by Labour since 1935 – this week, after paying tribute to her late father Dominic who was killed in a pub when she was 13.

Dehenna was studying politics at Hull University when she met John, a Conservative councillor.

They fell for one another while out campaigning in Kingston upon Hull North, where she stood as a candidate in 2015.

John proposed to Dehanna – who also once worked as a parliamentary aide for Jacob Rees-Mogg – in 2015, but they still had to convince her grandfather Paul, eight years older than her other half, to support their relationship.

In the TV show, Dehanna and John, who was 59 when the programme aired, sought his approval for their marriage.

"Age doesn't matter if two people really care about each other," the future MP told the camera.

John added: "I had asked her before, but she told me to ask her properly.

"At my age, going down on one knee was going to be a bit tricky. It wasn't the going down, it was the getting back up again."

When the show aired, viewers rushed to give the couple their blessing – and criticised Paul's unhappiness at the union.

One person wrote: "She’s 24 let her decide who to marry."

Another commented: "Who cares about the age gap. All that matters is that they love each other."

A third shared: "There may be a 35 year age gap between Dee and John but if they are happy together, all that matters is that they love one another."

Age doesn't matter if two people really care about each other

Dehanna previously told the Daily Mail that she was inspired to enter politics after being given a "very clear sense of injustice" when her father was killed and his alleged attacker was found not guilty of murder.

Taking to Twitter to share a picture of her family after being elected, she wrote: "I did it for them.

"Mum, thank you for always supporting me, whatever life has thrown at you.

"Dad, thank you for teaching me what it is to be a Davison.

"Nannan, thank you for inspiring me to be the best version of myself."

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